ShineForce Scratch Remover Repair Cloth


This  is a smart towel that removes surface scratches and scuffs on your Vehicle, Headlight Lens Shell Cover, Wooden Furniture and various Household Appliances.




Introducing a New Revolutionary Scratch Removal Cloth to REMOVE those pesky car paint surface scratches and scuffs where other products have failed. Easy to use, no sweat, no mess, dust or liquid in bottles to store and worry about. IN MINUTES, easily removes light scratches from your car, boat, motorcycle and YES, even your appliances and furniture or any other unsightly scratches from surfaces. ShineForce will even remove some of those deeper paint scratches with a little more patience.


Unsightly car scratches certainly reduce the resale value of your owned car.
What about the many of you that LEASE your vehicle, car paint repairs are expensive!
• Once you return your car, it WILL be inspected for damages and scratches
• The lender will happily CHARGE you for the damage (usually do!)
• Could run into hundreds of extra dollars
• ShineForce will allow you to easily give your car that new look
• Save yourself unnecessary grief, stress and keep cash in your pocket


Many cloths on the market today are small, thin, single use, soaked with chemical agents that have a high odor, are not pleasant to use and do not work well.
ShineForce offers a thick microfiber cloth,
• Saturated with patented NANO technology, Solvent and Emulsifier
• Removes top layer grime and oxidation.
• Nano molecules slightly dissolve and re-organizes the paint
• Removes and seals scratches
• Leaves a protective layer, original paint look with a smooth clear finish and shine.
• Pleasant to use, no bad odors, use it over and over and get results every time!
• Easy to use, NO muscle power needed, no liquid wax or compound paste messes.
• Compact with a lot of power, keep it in your glove compartment!
• Multipurpose use


• Surface Paint scratches
• Swirls, left from previous products or wax jobs
• Door handles and grip area
• Windshield fluid nozzle area on hood, oxidized by washer runoff
• Headlights and taillights
• Moldings, plastic, chrome finishing, trim any other areas needing treatment
• Removes Tar, Bird dropping, Tree sap, Glue and all types of grime.


• Clean the affected surface and dry it well
• Open the ShineForce bag, remove the included gloves and the cloth from the sealed foil pouch
• Wear the gloves or wash your hands after use
• Before applying, (If not new) quickly check cloth for large pieces of dirt or impurities and remove
• Apply and rub along the length of the scratch in a circular motion.
• When done, wipe with a clean cloth.
• Slip the ShineForce cloth back into foil pouch, fold gloves and insert both back into the bag, Zip closed for later use.


• Never use with water or wet the cloth
• Cloth may darken after use, this will not reduce the power of ShineForce!
• Keep children away from product


• 1 – Resealable ShineForce content pouch
• 1 – Sealed Foil pouch containing cloth
• 1 – Pair of plastic gloves (Re-usable)

The New Formula
Nanotechnology Fabric

Environmentally Friendly, you can use your bare hand while rubbing.

After use, just wash your hands with water.

The solvent is safe for the body and the river and ocean.

Clear Coat Scratches

With clear coat scratches, the paint itself has not been damaged, which means these types of scratches are the easiest to fix. While you can try wiping down the area with an ultra-fine automotive sand paper, or using our Scratch Remover Cloth.

Base Coat Scratches

While this may seem like a devastating aesthetic injury to your car, the body of the vehicle is still protected from rust and the most bottom layer has yet to be exposed.
Most of these scratches can be removed by our Scratch Remover Cloth.

Premier Paint Scratches

Unfortunately, paint scratches are the worse kind of scratches because the metal underneath is exposed. For an extended period of time, rust may begin to form. It is imperative that you bring your car to a professional Car Detail Shop to fix them.


This product contains a special emulsifier that slightly dissolves and re-organizes the paint surface. It uses ultra-fine friction coefficient of polyester fiber to achieve the perfect polishing and cleaning effect. Together with nanotechnology and the polymer wax, it forms a layer of protective paint coating.

THE RESULT is absolutely AMAZING

Minor Scratches are completely gone by rubbing around 2~3 minutes. Minor scratches are 100% removable, and the result is permanent.

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Weight03 lbs
Dimensions7 x 5 x 1 in


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